“Se tu fossi nella mia anima un giorno/Sapresti cosa sento in me/Che m'innamorai da quell'istante insieme a te/E ciò che provo é solamente amore”. An elegant and romantic dream came true, inspired by these words from “Love Theme” by Ennio

Miranda and Michele are two young Belgian travellers who feel that memories are extremely important and that photography is a fundamental tool which makes individual moments eternal.

A Sicilian beauty with deep green eyes, the miracle of life and an old house filled with familiar tales

A few shots to discover the suburbs of Rome, searching for street art

An amazing April on-the-road along the eastern Sicilian coast, discovering places, people and experiences, together with three awesome and passionate women whom I had the honour to accompany

What fascinates me the most about my job is the opportunity to share unforgettable memories with people by telling their stories