Civil marriage at the Norman Castle of Aci Castello.

There are stories which enter your heart and it is a great privilege to be able to tell them. Grazia, Sergio, and little Andrea entered my heart. They came to my studio as clients but now I feel like we are old friends. Grazia is a very sweet girl, always smiling and a volcano of ideas while Sergio is quieter and thoughtful – a “bear” he calls himself, though Grazia’s tears while reading his letter suggest the exact opposite!

Their love is immense, pure, passionate, sincere, a film romance and in fact your wedding reminded me of a film! A stunning bride and groom, who were elegant with a touch of retro, an intimate ceremony on the seafront, and dinner on a lawn full of lights and… rock music!

My wish for you is that you continue to look into each other’s eyes with the same light that you were emitting on the day of your wedding!

I really love you guys!

Wedding Venue: Castello Normanno di Aci Castello
Venue: Casa dei Sognatori
Catering: Cucina Manipura
Bride dress: Le Spose di Margot
Groom dress: M&M Cerimonia
Flower: KADO’ via dei fiori
Hairstyle: Mary Arena Sensazioni Parrucchieri
Makeup: Silvana Capuano Make-Up Studio

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