Francesca and Lorenzo

There is a moment printed in my memory that particularly hit me: Francesca’s tears as we arrived at her house during the preparations. She wasn’t used to be without her Lorenzo, and not having him beside her during that emotional moment was awkward for her. Even after 10 years together, their love is still that strong and intense, and the wedding was the realization of all this. Despite the menacing rain, the day was still perfect. Your perseverance and passion made the night magical and cheerful, also thanks to the presence of a group of friends who are delightfully crazy and super fun!

Thanks for choosing us to tell your day!  

Stefano Odoardi Videomaker
Commenda di San Calogero
François e le Coccinelle
Squiseating Banqueting
Intrecci di fiori e d’arte
Claudio Di Mari

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