Getting married in September: Giorgia and Giuseppe’s wedding in Messina and the old town of Valdina

As soon as I walked into Giorgia’s house, I saw that we’d have an immediate connection and in fact the first photo featured her beloved cats. Giorgia is a beautiful, blue-eyed vet and, like her Giuseppe, she loves animals and smiling together. Their wedding was perfect – simple, authentic and moving. There was a very involving ceremony in a church which has a breathtaking view over the Strait of Messina, with a line of carabinieri, the groom’s colleagues and friends, paying tribute to this new family.

It all finished beautifully with celebrations on a terrace full of light on the hills of a fabulous medieval town.

I hope that you always walk together, hand in hand and followed by lots of little paws, down the beautiful life path that awaits you!

Stefano Odoardi Videomaker
Il Poggio Del Tempo Perduto

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