Irene and Sergio

Telling emotions is never easy, but when the bride is also a friend, emotional involvement is even more intense. Irene and Sergio complete themselves like the pieces in a puzzle; they are as beautiful as the sun, and during their wedding, they seemed to be surrounded by a particularly bright aura and thrilled everyone, including me! Your understanding, the complicity and the irony that unites you is something special that I hope will grow over time. I wish you to continue to jump hand in hand all the brooms in your life, like the Celtic rite that you have symbolically chosen. 

Thanks to all the professionals involved who made everything even better:

Commenda di San Calogero
Valentino Catering and Events
Chicky Mo Swing Band
Damiana Politini Make Up Artist
Daniele Molino from Carmen e Daniele parrucchieri
Cannata opere verdi

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