Mariagrazia and Andrea

“Never stop smiling not even when you’re sad, someone might fall in love with your smile.” With these words by Gabriel Garcìa Màrquez I would like to introduce the story of two precious people whom I met during my journey. Mariagrazia is a colorful and carefree soul and she has the most beautiful smile in the world, a pure one, enveloping and engaging. The same smile has had Andrea fall in love with her: he’s a creative person with out of the ordinary skills and precision, shy and reserved but with a big heart, so big that he organized the wedding day in an almost maniacal way to make everything look perfect for his beloved one. All your efforts have been repaid: the day was wonderful! You spreaded your love to everyone with your smiles. Thank you for welcoming us and for giving us the opportunity to return to celebrate with the group of friends that we now feel part of! 
video:Stefano Odoardi Videomaker
location:Vecchia Masseria
music:I Mizzica Mizzica
Design e graphic project: Andrea Criscione
Bride’s dress: Santino Girlando

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