Marta and Giuseppe

Imagine that feeling of having known someone forever while belonging to a group of friends. This is exactly how we felt yesterday during the wedding of Marta and Giuseppe. They are two special beings, who are able to make you feel at ease with their simplicity and their smiles. Their love started 3 years ago, thanks to the help of a party of friends who did their best to get them to meet, and they were really good because they found two people who fit together perfectly! Thanks for the fantastic day spent together, it was a party that we attended with all of our hearts! Congratulations!  

video: Stefano Odoardi Videomaker
band: Chicky Mo Swing Band
location: La Casa del Grecale
flowers: Fiorelli Wedding
make-up: Antonio Musumeci e Semmy Mele
hair: Lnr Parrucchieri

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