From France to Ragusa Ibla for the Aldo and Ophélie’s boho-chic wedding

I think the most complicated thing to do, which is the one that makes me madly love my job is to tell stories in the most authentic way possible. For me, it is fundamental to establish empathy with people and I like to say that we “choose each other”. With Ophélie and Aldo it was pure and instant empathy, and we already knew from the first chat on Skype that we would be “chosen”. Ophélie is a beautiful French girl, with a strong character and an extremely creative nature; Aldo is her soulmate, originally from Ragusa, and with a big heart. Together they have already created a beauty called Paul, the sweetest baby I have ever met. When they decided to get married, they were in Ragusa Ibla, under a gazebo made of leaves inside the Hyblean gardens. That could not be but the same location of their wedding. Your special day was a reflection of yourselves: a day of pure joy, colors, smiles and genuine feelings, surrounded by the affection of friends and relatives of different nationalities perfectly integrated together. Thank you for having strongly wanted me and for understanding my work. 
La Dimora di Spartivento
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