Sara and Stefano

I believe in soulmates, I believe that sometimes we are just like pieces in a puzzle that destiny helps meet and fit perfectly. When I look at Sara and Stefano I see proof to my theory.  They are soulmates, partners in crime, partners in love, friends and both are great photographers! We immediately clicked and on the day of their wedding it was as if I had known them forever, as we shared the same tastes, same ideas and many laughs together. Their wedding was an awesome party on the lawn on a sunny day, two colourful tables surrounded by friends and family, fairytale-like settings that came straight out of “Alice in Wonderland” and the Hatter’s spirit that stung us all a little! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for everything! I love you 

A special thanks to the talented girls of  Pizzi fronzoli e fichi d’indiafor their creative magic, to  Casaciomod for the quality of the service and hospitality and to the video-makers from Casatrentatre for the serenity with which we got to work together.