I've known Dalila since she was a child, and her personality has always stood out. She is a determined girl who loves contrasts, bright colors, rain, and northern landscapes. A few years ago, fate knocked on the door of her

Yesterday afternoon, in a small seventeenth-century church inside the Ibleo Gardens, a minister, who had a rare sensitivity and intelligence, spoke about love, the pure and deep kind of love

Imagine the beginning of a movie where a Sicilian boy flies to New York searching for a new life. At the same time, a girl leaves her beloved Frosinone towards the same destination. The Big Apple has something in store

Karla & Ross are so beautiful and so cool that they look like movie stars. They are "partners in crime"

The first day of September in Southern Sicily, a magical place rich of history and legends. The castle of Donnafugata

There are places to which I am particularly attached and where I leave a piece of my heart every time I go. Among these, the Aeolian Islands represent a rare pearl of beauty and strength. When Sonia and Paolo chose

I'm particularly fond of this wedding because I've known the bride since she was a very beautiful little girl, her being the sister of a dear friend of mine. Silvia remained the same

I think the most complicated thing to do, which is the one that makes me madly love my job is to tell stories in the most authentic way possible

After a long engagement, the sweet Alessandra and Francesco lived their fairy tale and everything was perfect! Hand in hand and with eyes full of joy

When you think about the day of your wedding, it happens to ask yourself if you will laugh or if you will cry; the reactions are often unpredictable and startle most of us. So on July 7th