I've known Dalila since she was a child, and her personality has always stood out. She is a determined girl who loves contrasts, bright colors, rain, and northern landscapes. A few years ago, fate knocked on the door of her

Yesterday afternoon, in a small seventeenth-century church inside the Ibleo Gardens, a minister, who had a rare sensitivity and intelligence, spoke about love, the pure and deep kind of love

Imagine the beginning of a movie where a Sicilian boy flies to New York searching for a new life. At the same time, a girl leaves her beloved Frosinone towards the same destination. The Big Apple has something in store

Karla & Ross are so beautiful and so cool that they look like movie stars. They are "partners in crime"

The first day of September in Southern Sicily, a magical place rich of history and legends. The castle of Donnafugata

There are places to which I am particularly attached and where I leave a piece of my heart every time I go. Among these, the Aeolian Islands represent a rare pearl of beauty and strength. When Sonia and Paolo chose

I'm particularly fond of this wedding because I've known the bride since she was a very beautiful little girl, her being the sister of a dear friend of mine. Silvia remained the same

The beautiful wedding of Federica and Francesco published on one of the most followed Italian blogs that I happen to love

I think the most complicated thing to do, which is the one that makes me madly love my job is to tell stories in the most authentic way possible

After a long engagement, the sweet Alessandra and Francesco lived their fairy tale and everything was perfect! Hand in hand and with eyes full of joy