The beauty of Modica and the magic of Villa Fegotto in Martina and Lorenzo’s wedding photos

Today’s story is about Martina, Lorenzo, and their contagious, shared happiness! The illustration of their wedding describes them perfectly: a couple which is beautiful both inside and outside, their enormous dogs Camelot and Artù, their sporting passions, their beloved Modica, and “a sky full of stars”, this last the soundtrack to a marriage proposal at a live concert!

Martina organised this wedding meticulously and put in plenty of personality, creativity and passion – what she managed to create was enchanting!

It was a wonderful day which was made special by you and your families, who welcomed and took care of us and to whom I now really feel attached! We love you guys!

Planning: THE BRIDE!
Illustrations: Bruna Fornaro Artworks
Venue: Villa Fegotto Squiseating & Villa Fegotto
Catering: Squiseating Banqueting
Set design: Pizzi fronzoli e fichi d’india
Video: Casatrentatre
Makeup: Mariangela Nicastro Make Up
Hair: Andrea Fidone
Live band: Trio CasaMia
Bride dress: Valentini Spose atelier Mugnieco Sposa

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