The cathedral of Acireale and the Limonaia: Alessia and Claudio’s wedding photos

Imagine the beginning of a movie where a Sicilian boy flies to New York searching for a new life. At the same time, a girl leaves her beloved Frosinone towards the same destination. The Big Apple has something in store for them: a radical change in their lives, the beginning of a brilliant career but most of all, the love at first sight that will be the beginning of a beautiful love story. Yet this isn’t a film at all, but the true story between Claudio and Alessia, two beautiful people who share a rare harmony. They have decided to celebrate their wedding in one of the most suggestive locations in eastern Sicily, in the company of their friends and family, who arrived from far away just to participate and share their joy!

Stefano Odoardi
Villa La Limonaia
Ilenia Cassandra Giuliano
Intrecci di fiori e d’arte
Squiseating Banqueting

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