The slopes of Etna: the location for Sara and Dario’s wedding photos

Sara is a little volcano of ideas who assails you immediately with her enthusiasm, talkativeness and sweet smile. Calm, sensitive Dario, on the other hand, talks little and combines friendliness with a special sense of irony. Sara and Dario are perfectly balanced but above all they love each other in a pure, unconditional way. Your ceremony was one of the most moving I’ve ever experienced – even I got emotional!

You organised your wedding down to the finest details and all the work was rewarded with a perfect day, which was carefree, happy and colourful.

Thanks for the connection we formed, for trusting us completely, and the peace of mind that you inspired.

Keep looking into each other’s eyes with the same light you had on the 7th September 2019!

Stefano Odoardi
Case Perrotta Agriturismo

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