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  • ValentinaJonas
    Luxury wedding at Verdura Resort in Sicily
    Verdura Resort
  • DanSalvo
    Salvo and Dan
    Castello Camemi
  • IreneSergio
    Irene and Sergio
    Commenda di San Calogero - Sicily
  • GiulianaBuccio
    Giuliana and Buccio
    Brucoli - Sicily
  • KarlaRoss
    Karla and Ross
  • Maria AntoniettaGianluca
    Maria Antonietta and Gianluca
    Petralia Soprana

About me

Sicilian with Lucanian origins, I am based between mount Etna and the sea, and my greatest passion is to travel.

I started shooting photos when I was a little girl, capturing family memories with my father’s old camera.

I am a chronic observer and I photograph in an instinctive way. I love telling the reality of what surrounds me and the tales of the people I meet, always trying to create a relationship based on trust and empathy. Of the wedding day, I love to tell the spontaneity and the authentic moments of the day, without faking nor forced poses, trying to capture the purest emotions and to make the memories of special moments unforgettable. My tireless eyes are always looking for a smile, a tear, a hug, a funny scene or a small detail.

Couples define me as “an invisible presence who is never invasive”, and it’s the best compliment I can get.

I adore my cats, art in all its forms, I am strongly passionate about cinema and books, and what relaxes me the most is to wander among the stands in flea markets.



Happy clients

"Always present as a longtime friend"

The talented and very sweet Deborah allowed us to immortalize our best memories, with maximum accuracy, spontaneity, and warmth. Always present as a longtime friend, she made us feel comfortable. My deepest compliments for everything, in addition to being a professional without equals, she is a girl that everyone would like to always have next to. Ps. When you see her works, you are thrilled even if the photos are not yours. Very clever.

"a strong passion for their work"

One look at Deborah and Gaetano's works was enough to convince us that they were the right people to report our marriage. They are a real fantastic close-knit team, they have a unique fondness, an innate ability to make everyone feel at ease. They have a strong passion for their work that they transmit in every single shot and frame, a skill to capture the moment, a unique creativity and a capacity to bring back all the emotions of those moments [...].The least we can do is to recommend them as a thanks for the "goosebumps" that their photos and videos are triggering both on us and on our wedding guests.

"she can immediately make you feel comfortable"

The best photographer with whom I had the chanche to work with, she can immediately make you feel comfortable. She's very professional, she takes fabulous pictures, she's available, and most of all, she makes sure that you don't feel her presence! I'm so proud of her and of the job she did!

"You're amazing, keep it up!"

What can we say.. a fantastic, unique team. Our wedding was even more beautiful thanks to Deborah and her team, they were super discreet but always present at the same time. Even without seeing the pictures, our wedding guests gave us a lot of compliments. Then, once we had the preview, we also had a confirmation! You're amazing, keep it up! Thank you for making our day even more special. Alfio and Martina.

"Extremely available, likable, creatives, very discreet"

Deborah, Gaetano and their collaborators are truly exceptional professionals. Extremely available, likable, creatives, very discreet, they made us feel at ease and also captured the highlights (looks, expressions and even gestures!) of this very special day. What else?

"a real dream team"

Deborah and Gaetano are what you would call a real "dream team", so discreet, yet so much fun at the same time, spending the day of our wedding acting more like friends than as hired hands. While laughing and joking, Deborah captured the best highlights of our life. In addition, she has reserved (as she does for all her couples) a small, yet really welcoming gift, for the long await before the work's delivery. I won't go into any more detail about it except that I recommend her. You will not regret it!

"super professional, yet super friendly"

Deborah and Gaetano are definitely the ideal photographers to capture the uniqueness of your love story. They immediately became part of our family, super professional, yet super friendly. Furthermore they understand with whom they have something to do, they are determined to give all of themselves to the spouses and guests. I highly recommend them to those who want natural photos, without being taken for granted! Thanks Deborah and Gaetano

"A serious and professional team"

A serious and professional team, people who really love their job and have an ability to make you feel so at ease in every situation. They patiently work with every choice you make. Plus they take very original and spontaneous shots. Highly recommended to all the newlyweds!

"Her photos will move you"

Deborah is truly a professional without comparison! Her photos will move you and they will tell you about your most beautiful day. Delicacy and discretion, great joy and enthusiasm are the four key words of her work. Always attentive yet never intrusive. With patience and understanding, she creates a fabulous photoshoot! I would choose her a thousand times over again! Thank you for being such an excellent guarantee on the beginning of the rest of our life!

"Deborah has a lot more than just that extra factor!"

Because of their unique skills, Deborah and Gaetano were the perfect choice for the photos of our special day! What I had in mind was a type of photography that aimed at being a marriage "report”, a story, and something truly special! In short, it was not the usual wedding photos, but something more! Deborah has a lot more than just that extra factor! Throughout the course of the day, they followed us while never imposing their presence but instead became a key part of our important day! [...] Besides being a true artist, she is also a wonderful person who I would always choose to capture those special moments!