Ambra and Toni

For many people, wedding represents the realization of a dream, an idealized day, imagined and built since youth. That’s the way it was for Ambra, a day that she had always dreamt of and she was so good to plan it in every detail (with her “wedding planner” journal which was full of notes) that everything went perfectly! I believe, though, that that sprinkle of magic that made everything so special was the love that ties her to Toni and most of all to their little amazing Leonardo. Your love is so strong that I could feel it in the air around us and my tears behind the camera during your vows are the proof of what I am saying. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful, touching, and super fun day spent together. You have a special family.  

I Giardini di Villa Fago – Ricevimenti e Matrimoni
Claudio Guardo
Richard Narciso

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