Federica and Giuseppe grew up together and in fact their love blossomed at their school desks. They had traversed lots of important phases in life before that hot day in May when they traversed the nave of a stunning baroque

Miranda and Michele are two young Belgian travellers who feel that memories are extremely important and that photography is a fundamental tool which makes individual moments eternal.

Renata and Bruno love referring to themselves as “NOT the bride and groom” because, besides being unusually likeable, they are basically two down-to-earth people who don’t enjoy being at the centre of attention.

My photos for Elle showcasing the work of the very talented Simona Parisi Brilliant Wedding!

It is with great pleasure that I officially launch the new 2019 season – finally we can start to take photos and recount new stories again

I've known Dalila since she was a child, and her personality has always stood out. She is a determined girl who loves contrasts, bright colors, rain, and northern landscapes. A few years ago, fate knocked on the door of her

I would like to remember this story with a musical background because music was the key that opened the hearts of Giusi and Salvatore.

September ended in style with the tale of Carmen and Corrado. Two young, gorgeous people who love to be swept away by the wind, while dancing on the waves of their beloved Sicilian sea, thanks to their strong common passion

“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts”

There is a moment printed in my memory that particularly hit me: Francesca's tears as we arrived at her house during the preparations. She wasn't used to be without her Lorenzo