Alessia and Daniele

June 22, 2018, is one of those dates that will remain indelible in my life, and it will occupy a special space in the drawer of the most beautiful memories because it was the wedding of my little Alessia, my special “monkey”, who I saw come to this world and grow up. The emotions are too many and are so intense that I can hardly find the right words. I only know that seeing you walk to the altar to meet the wonderful person you have chosen has made me relive all my life. I remember you little, a chatty small creep that followed me like a shadow. Now, I find you all grown up, you have become a beautiful woman, strong, determined and brilliant. You could not but choose as a life partner an exceptional person like Daniele, generous, fun, beautiful and always cheerful: your sun, as you have defined him. Alessia and Daniele, yesterday you gave us pure joy and a breath of fresh and sincere air to all of us present. It was a great honor to accompany you on such an important day in your life. I will always be there for you! 
Thanks to the suppliers:
Project and design: Alessia Sciarrone Event & Wedding
Location Tonnara di Marzamemi
Catering: Valentino Catering and Events
Band: Sikula Retrò
Flower design: Luisella Giardinaro
Make-up: Cassandra Make Up Artist
Hairstyle: Cottone Parrucchieri
coordination: Simona Parisi

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